Month: September 2013

Stop Making Sense or How I Composed My First Sound Sculpture

My first out-of-class assignment was to make a sound sculpture.

Sound sculpture has always been an abstract idea for me, something that was hard for me to understand. I want something to have a structure that I can follow. I do love instrumental and electronic music that have a rhythm but when you take that out of it, then I’m lost. Listening to examples by Pierre Schaeffer and William Basinski in class made me realize that sound sculpture doesn’t necessarily need to be a cacophony of random noises. It can be moody, rhythmic and beautiful.

My tools, apart from the contact microphone and my computer, were found in my place of work. I work at a cheese and cafe so it can be a pretty noisy place. My main instruments were a coffee grinder, espresso machine, a tamper, paper cups, the metal grate on the espresso machine and small metal dishes with coins (my tip jar).

IMG_4486 IMG_4485 IMG_4484 IMG_4483

I experimented with the noises these machines made. Some, like the steamer is loud yet the noise it made was hardly picked up by the microphone. Much of it had to do with temperature of the steamer. It gets extremely hot very quickly, so I feared burning my fingers and microphone, which is too bad. The steamer makes a really neat sound!

Having collected a variety of different noises I uploaded them into Audacity and played around. I had the idea to create a piece of music, similar to what I had heard in class, and after a while I discovered a narrative. I decided to tell a story through the noises I had manipulated and created an atmosphere that was moody and suspenseful.

All of the clips have been manipulated. They do not sound like their original format. I do hope that this is ok as I wanted to convert these sounds and create something that could be heard in a suspenseful movie, for example.

Editing these together was a fun albeit arduous process. It reminded me of when I had to edit commercials in school and at radio stations I worked at years ago.

I’m not sure if this sculpture makes any sense but then I ask does it really have to?

It’s soldering time!

Machinery scare me. I have this fear that if I ever use a piece of machinery that a horrible injury is going to happen to me. The same is true with a tool that uses heat. Don’t even ask me about how to use a curling iron. However, tonight, in my Time-Based Media class, we had to solder wires to a circuit board and connect an LED light. Seems simple, right? I’m happy to report that no accidents happened and all of my digits are intact.

Here’s the before shot:

The tools we used were a circuit board, an LED light, a 470V resister, an on-and-off switch, wires and a battery.

And after:
Look at me, I’m playing with metal and heat! You can’t stop me now!