It’s soldering time!

Machinery scare me. I have this fear that if I ever use a piece of machinery that a horrible injury is going to happen to me. The same is true with a tool that uses heat. Don’t even ask me about how to use a curling iron. However, tonight, in my Time-Based Media class, we had to solder wires to a circuit board and connect an LED light. Seems simple, right? I’m happy to report that no accidents happened and all of my digits are intact.

Here’s the before shot:

The tools we used were a circuit board, an LED light, a 470V resister, an on-and-off switch, wires and a battery.

And after:
Look at me, I’m playing with metal and heat! You can’t stop me now!


One comment

  1. Looks great! I wish someone had taught me how to do it right, instead of having to figure it all out. I burned myself soo many times when I was younger.

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