So much for Plan A, now for Plan B

Up to a minute ago, I thought that I had a great idea about my video project. But the more I worked with the clips, and the more I began to put the pieces together, I realized that the original idea I had wasn’t a very good one.

The other night I went out my friends to XO Karaoke in Koreatown and I had the great idea of videotaping their goofy and expressive reactions. I wanted to reference the Blonde Redhead video that featured Miranda July, where it was edited as a stop-motion video. It seemed like a good idea at the time and my friends, being the good sports that they were, agreed to help.

The experience was fun and I get a real kick at looking back at the clips, but the draft version I had created didn’t quite translate to what I was thinking. I realized that my idea was cute, but not one I wanted to present in class.

I guess I’m attracted to the idea of stop motion, though I don’t necessarily want to just stop motion. I want to incorporate some sort of movement as the person is walking or moving in these clips even if I do want to edit it like a stop motion video. I need to do more research but for now, it’s back to the drawing board.


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