And, we’re back on track!

OK! I’ve got an idea!

I’m still very inspired by the Blonde Redhead-Miranda July collaboration I posted the other day. I want to do something similar except, unlike in the video, I don’t want the space won’t be so sparse like a plain backdrop, nor do I want the edits to be close together. My friend Katie, who is a visual and performance artist, will be coming over to my place tomorrow and we’ll see what kind of magic happens.

For the video, I want to explore the theme of loneliness. I don’t want to specifically focus on being lonely because of the lack of love in one’s life but rather, feeling lonely when we shouldn’t feel that way at all. We live in an age where we have a lot of friends, are connected in every possible way and we collect material objects around us. All of us, no matter if we’re single or in relationship, feel like we’re alone. It’s a pretty heavy topic, so I’m going to try to explore that in the video in the way that can be understood well.

Part of my inspiration for the video is also thanks to my acquisition of new music courtesy of AroarA, a Montreal-based band. I saw them play on Friday at the Dakota Tavern and after a long wait, I bought their newly-released LP. The album is based on Alice Notley’s poetry book, In The Pines, and I think the band did a superb job translating the poems into music. I’ve decided that one of the tracks is going to be the soundtrack of this video.

Let’s hope tomorrow works out well!



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