And, we’re done!

My video shoot with Katie went well yesterday. She came over to my house and we were able to shoot several scenes in a few hours. Before she came over, I did some rudimentary sketches of what I wanted. These are very rough sketches but at least they were useful to the type of story I wanted to convey and what I wanted Katie to do.


After getting the scenes I wanted, I quickly edited them in iMovie at school, and laid down my track. Similar to the Blonde Redhead-Miranda July video, I chose to do short edits. I had instructed Katie to pause in between scenes, especially those seen on the couch. These made it easy for me to edit them quickly.

And then, I was done! Huzzah!

What did I learn from the process? The importance of a detailed plan. While I did write and sketch a few notes and ideas I had, I also did not write everything down. I did get the scenes I wanted but I also let things happen “on the fly”. Sometimes, that works; other times, it doesn’t. If I had created a more detailed story board or wrote down in detail the scenes, I wouldn’t improvised some of the scenes. It’s a nerve wracking process which at times, is the type of stress I want to experience. Note for future visual projects: have a plan.

But for now, here’s the video. Enjoy!


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