New gear

I bought my own Arduino the other day. I brought it home and was ready to apply what I learned in class but somehow, it didn’t work! Rats.


A light on the Arduino does go on and off so I know that it’s connected to my computer but it’s not responding to the instructions I created in Pure Data. I’m not familiar enough with the software or with Arduino so I really don’t know what could be the problem. I will ask for help tonight once I go to class.

In the meantime, I started cutting out my city skyline maquette that will be seen in the video. I want to create a multiple of these and add a semi-opaque paper to replicate office buildings at night. I’m going to project a light behind it so you will the outline of the buildings. One of the six lights will randomly be set up in one of the windows, that will blink on and off.


I figured out the theme of this idea. I want to focus on isolation and a common bond. The idea stems from my time working in the financial industry for many years, and feeling isolated and alone. I felt this because I was doing jobs that didn’t appeal to me but worked because I needed to pay my bills and wondered if there was a way out. Whenever I was stuck at work during the evenings because of overtime, I would feel this a lot. Truth be told, I felt stuck, alone and isolated all of the time, and every day before going into work but more so when I stuck during the evening or late in the day when the sun would set a lot sooner.

I remembered looking outside and across at other office buildings nearby and seeing other individuals  sitting at their desks working. Did they feel the same thing I did? Did they feel also isolated with their own problems?


The blinking lights represent those who feel isolated or stuck in their situation. This feeling is shared by the other lights that blinks which is the shared bond.

It’s a gist of my idea which I will better explain in my artist statement but I hope these lights and the theme translates well enough to the audience.


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