Pure Data and me

I’ve made some progress in my project especially in Pure Data.

I was able to create the multiple objects in the arduino-test patch that will speak to each LED light on my breadboard not only once, but multiple times. My music is 2:09 minutes and there’s about 20 or so sections in which a distinctive note that can be heard. That note will correspond to each of the object which will light up the LED. My goal is to have them atomically fire at the right time.

While I did get help in the set up and it should technically work, I’m still not 100 per cent sure about using this software. I’m treating it like it’s a sophisticated bomb that can explode my computer and the world at any moment. (It’s dramatic, I know, but sometimes, that’s how I feel about technology that’s so foreign to me.)

Again, it should technically work but I’m worried that I will miss a step and enter panic mode.

If I can’t figure out how to make these objects respond to the lights at the right times, I’m going to have to do it manually, which will be labour intensive to accomplish. It will make my set up confusing and I will have to remember which light to turn on at the right time. I’m hoping to not have to do that but that is Plan B.

Anywho, I’ve reorganized my objects in an orderly fashion and it looks much better.

ImageI still have to finish the maquette but I can do this later. For now, I have to figure out this Pure Data business.


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