Fluxkit for the Creative Mind

Fluxkit for the Creative Mind

Fluxkit for the Creative Mind

I’m taking a break from essay writing to bring you another project: Fluxkit for the Creative Mind!

Need inspiration? Wish you had more imagination and vision? Feel that you’re not talented enough? Look no further! Buy and own the new Fluxkit for the Creative Mind! Simply follow the instructions and you’ll notice the results immediately.

If only this existed!

I really enjoyed making this project because I love the absurd. I was inspired by the avant-garde art movement, Fluxus, whom made these interactive, fun and absurd collection boxes called fluxkits. What is a fluxkit? I’ll let artist Alison Knowles explain that:

The idea behind my Fluxkit is that I feel that the characteristics (shown here as bottles) are what we all share. Sometimes we feel like we don’t possess one or any of these characteristics that are connected with creativity. Wouldn’t it be nice to just take a magic elixir that can boost your confidence? Wouldn’t it be nice if I can crack open the ‘Imagination’ bottle and drink it in its entirety, which I hope will help me write a compelling and interesting essay?

Again I ask: if only?!



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