Curatorial Practice Final Assignment

I’m putting together ideas for the final assignment in my Curatorial Practice class. Right now, I’m attracted to a few art pieces that speak to the theme of nature vs culture, or specifically, the transformation of nature into culture/culture transforming into nature. But I’m not sure exactly what I want to say, or what topic I want to focus on. I’m hoping that by putting down these ideas here, something will happen. That, or panic will happen and then something will really happen.

Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty (1970)

Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970) (Image: Good Morning Gloucester)

Smithson’s Spiral Jetty (1970) (Image: Good Morning Gloucester)

I’m attracted to Smithson’s project because it is a literal translation of culture into nature, something in which we have placed into nature and letting nature dictate the outcome and the life of the art piece. It would be interesting to do something similar where I can alter or add something to the environment and see how the environment deals with it. However, the timeline to see what nature does to the artwork is very short. I have one week. If I had started this a few months earlier, I could have shown the progression of the project but right now, that’s impossible.

Barbara Kruger

Unknown-1 images

Kruger is another artist who’s work is appealing. I like how she combines images and texts where she questions feminism and consumerism. Her work is graphic in style. They look like advertisements which was the intent for the viewer’s first impression. However, upon further observation, the viewer will see that they are art pieces and also the meaning behind what the texts say. Her work does ask questions about what has shaped us and our culture. It might be a cool idea to investigate further.



Can I just say that Fluxkits are awesome? I love them! Ever since I created one for my Cabinet of the Everyday project, I can’t get enough of them. I would love to combine the idea of a Fluxkit into my final assignment but I’m still thinking about what I want to say with them. How will the kit speak to the nature vs culture them? Perhaps I can combine the idea of the fluxkit with that of Smithson’s earthwork sculpture? It could be interactive and be left anonymously in nature. Perhaps I could create messages for people to follow? For thought is required.






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