We’re oh-so close to the finish line


Well, it looks like I’m done. I’ve completed almost, if not all of my assignments for this term. The end of my BFA’s Year 1 is oh-so close!

In the above picture is my completed photography assignment. Well, four out of five mounted prints are shown. After spending five hours in the darkroom, I returned to school on Sunday to mount my prints. Sunday was gorgeous in Toronto and everyone was out and about, walking around and enjoying the sun. It had been a long and much too cold winter here. However, I wanted to complete my homework and not leave things to the last minute. As it turns out, it only took me two hours to mount the prints where afterwards, I was able to enjoy the rest of my Sunday by taking a long walk and even bought some new clothes. I’m happy with how the prints look although I did encounter some problems in the process.

I realized that I had made my prints too small. I printed my photos with a large white border around them which made cropping them a tricky task. Luckily I figured out a solution and was able to use the image size I had printed. I would have preferred to use black card stock to mount but I decided to use what I had at home, which was white card stock. I hope that the white picks up the white in the prints, which most of my dominant colour in the prints is black. I love the look of a clean and neutral colour like white but sometimes it can drown out the image. I hope it doesn’t do that here.

Overall, I’m happy with my prints. They look good and they reflect my idea and ode to Abstract Expressionism, even though they were not the original photos I had in mind for the project. But, who cares? They’re done!

Fluxcards for Time Travel

Fluxcards for Time Travel

My second final project is for my curatorial practice class. I wanted to revisit my interest in Fluxkits along with the work of Robert Smithson and his theories of site, non-site artwork. For the final project I created “Fluxcards for Time Travel”. I borrowed a friend’s old Remington typewriter to type special messages on index cards.


I wanted to focus on time and history. I created instructions that enable the reader to imagine scenarios or places that may or may not exist, and that are unique and individual like the person who is reading them. All of them focus on a past event so the reader is time traveling in their mind to these places that may or may not be fictitious. I wrote four different messages and stapled them on telephone poles a couple of miles in and around my neighbourhood. I documented the process which you can see above and below.


The unfortunate thing is that these messages will disappear because as I was stapling them today, the local weather forecast called for rain. And it’s raining as I write this post. Oh well. I expected that these messages wouldn’t last forever and I knew this, which is why I not only photographed them but also created a Tumblr site as well. So far, I have no followers on that Tumblr site but again, these messages were only up for a few hours before the rain arrived. I would like to revisit this idea again one day, when rain is not in the forecast in the near future.

The only thing left for me to do here is to pick up my prints from the lab tomorrow, which I hope will be ready. Otherwise I will have to fall back on my Tumblr site for the final critique.


Visit your perfect oasis today!

So, it looks like I’m done all of my projects early. I’m feeling really good about this. More importantly, I’m not scrambling or pulling an all-nighter. But I’ll admit that this is an odd feeling. I’ve pulled all-nighters almost on a weekly basis this term, which I hated doing. I expected to do one with these projects but things didn’t turn out way.

I feel strangely relaxed about everything, about my projects and even about my exams which are next week. Maybe I should panic? I hope my critiques do well so maybe I should worry about that? This is a very odd feeling, but it’s oh-so nice that I’m done with my projects.


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