Year One is done!


I’m a little late to post this but I wrote my last exam on Wednesday. This means my first year of university is done! Yes, I do have summer school, but technically, I’m done, right? Yes, right!

As much as exams can be nerve-wracking, I was more stressed about my final projects. I was concerned at how my class was going to react to them, which luckily, all of the feedback was positive. I have noticed that in first year, feedback is polite and positive, not as critical as it is in the upper years. I think all of us first-years don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings, and also I think we’re all trying to understand and put together the thoughts it takes to be critical. I even had difficulty with this too.

My year back to school was incredibly challenging and rewarding. I’ve learned so much about art, its history and practices, techniques, and also about myself. I will always love photography and make photographs but I’m a tactile artist who enjoys seeing the process unfold and develop. I like to work with my hands, and to repeat certain tasks over and over. It’s a meditative process that I found when I was doing assignments where I build things, as opposed to drawing or painting. I’m looking forward to what I’ll be making in my sculpture classes to see what I can come up with.

It was also a time of incredible stress as I tried to keep up with good grades, balance work and social life, as well as to accomplish chores at home. I’m a mature student and I live alone. There were mentally tough and emotionally difficult moments, and where I would ask the question, “is this really worth it?” I realized that yes, they were worth it. I got through them, and luckily, I wasn’t alone. I have a strong support network which included friends that cheered me on and were there for me when I wanted to vent. First year of school was definitely a period of adjustment. Now, I know what to expect for second year and also know to give myself a bit of slack so that the pressure isn’t overtaking the enjoyment of my experience. If I’m not having fun at school, then what’s the point of continuing?

Now, I have the summer off. I start summer school in a few weeks and I’ll be done with those courses by end of June. Then, it’s freedom. I’ve got a few projects in mind that I want to accomplish, but for now, I just want to catch up on sleep.


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