They’re out!

photo 1

I’m excited to share this news!

A few pieces from my embroidery series “Serge & Jane 4 Ever” are now hanging at a vintage shop in Dufferin Grove called Print Vintage! My apologies for the quality of the photos but the pieces look great against the dark background and amongst the lovely vintage clothing. They must be seen in person!

I’m super excited that they are out in the world. Of course, I do hope that they find a new home but as an artist, I get both excited and anxious that my artwork is out for all to see (or judge). But hey, I know that’s part of the process.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I’ve signed up to do two shows in the fall so I’ve started researching some images that I plan to stitch, as well as finish the rest of my “Serge and Jane” series. I’m also wrapping up summer school in a few weeks, which I will be glad to do but it will also be the start of July. I don’t want to start panicking about how much work I have to do. But if I plan ahead, I should be fine (hopefully).
photo 4



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