Insomnia and Serge


I hate insomnia.

I’m not sure why I’m suffering from it right now. Perhaps I shouldn’t have had that 5pm latte at work? Perhaps I’m worried about my upcoming deadlines and the impending start of school? The thought of balancing school work, work, projects and these art shows is worrisome. It was really tough to go through last year. Can I do it again this year? But hey, it’s a challenge I decided to tackle right now. In any case, I’m awake.

For those who follow my humble blog, you all know that I love Serge Gainsbourg. I’m not sure when the love affair began, but it started a few years ago. However, I was exposed to Gainsbourg’s music at a young age. My parents dug him. Well, at least, my dad did.

In my teens, I stole (or borrowed) a cassette tape from my dad’s music collection because it included his most famous song “Je t’aime… moi, non plus”, a duet he made with Jane Birkin in 1969. I had heard about those orgasmic cries made by Birkin (the song was originally done by Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot in 1968, who were lovers at the time). I wanted to access some other secret layer that it contained and the only way to do this was to listen to that song over and over. Needless to say, that song, and others he wrote, left an impressionable mark on my young mind.

Lately, Gainsbourg has provided a lot of inspiration for me and this can be seen in my artwork. Bardot and Birkin were his muses. He’s mine.

As I wait for the cyclone of the 1001 thoughts to stop circling in my head, I’ll be reading Darran Anderson‘s Histoire de Melody Nelson, part of the 33 1/3 series. It’s really well written. I’ve just finished the part where Anderson describes a moment when Gainsbourg wrote two songs for Bardot one night. One of them was “Je t’aime” and the other was “Bonnie et Clyde”. He adapted the latter from a poem written by Bonnie Parker called “The Trail’s End”. The song is beautiful and haunting. It’s one of my favourites. Perhaps it’s one of yours, too?


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