The calm before the…

… Storm? Fun?

Who knows. But tomorrow is KMAF day!

Yep, tomorrow is the day that I will display my embroidered pieces and I’m excited and nervous.

My bags and supplies are packed. I have a list and I’ve crossed off most things.

I’m worried that I don’t have enough pieces to sell and that might look bad. I’m worried that I will appear to unprofessional because my website isn’t updated with my latest work. I’m worried that people will question the pricing of my pieces.

There’s a few things I would do if I had the time to do them. But given that this is my first solo art fair, it’s OK if I’ve missed a few things. As long as I don’t forget the art pieces, money and my business cards, I should be fine.

All I need a good night’s sleep but I’m too nervous for that.

Here we go!


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