The Post KMAF Experience


I’m over a week late but I had to tell you all about my experience at KMAF!

Overall, it was a good day and a good experience. It was my first ever attempt to do a solo outdoor art show and I couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was a gorgeous day! My set up was very simple and modest (see above). I only had a few pieces to show which occupied one wall. The rest of my 10″ x 10″ space was filled with a table and chair. But that’s OK. I was happy to have received attention for my artwork more than the lack of artwork. And attention I did get!

While I would have liked to have had more art pieces to fill up another wall, I was happy with what I had. This show taught me that the kind of work that I do takes a lot of time. When I signed up to do the show, I had assumed it would take time but I didn’t realize how much time. I also learned to always have a Plan B–my installation idea didn’t work but thank goodness for fishing wire to do the trick!

I was also grateful for friends who popped by to visit and give me words of support. That meant a lot.

The experience was a good one that it gives me encouragement that the next one, which is happening on Sunday, October 26, will be good, too. I think I want to try to do these shows more often so I have to figure out a way to coordinate school work and personal projects. I can tell you that when school started, I was stressing about this show. However, I think a lot of stress came from not knowing what the experience was going to be like. Now that I have some idea, I think I can manage both. In preparation for the next show, I’ve ordered new business cards and I’m busy working on getting my new website launched. Mid-terms are coming up but honestly, I think I can manage!


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