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Midsummer Organization

We’re halfway through summer, people! Can you believe it? I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have. July was a month where I’ve spent a lot of time working on my ideas as well as spending time¬†outside. On any beautiful, warm day, you could find me either biking through the city trails or sitting under a tree reading a book. But don’t worry, work is a top priority of mine and things are coming along. Slowly.

In between work and play, I’ve also been organizing my workspace. Since my studio is also my home, it’s easy to let my work spill into everything in my life. I’ve let my credenza become my storage space for fabric, hoops, threads, and the other accruements needed to make my art. It’s as organized as I can make it even though I know it’s not the best spot to house everything. And it does look messy because there’s so much stuff. But one thing I can’t be messy with are my threads. I have a lot of thread and whenever I’m done using one colour, I put the rest of the floss in a small plastic bag, or other small plastic bags, and they get tangled¬†with other colours. That was the old me that did that. No longer!

To solve this issue, I used my old, outdated Moo cards to make thread organizers. They’re thin enough to spin the thread around, and they’re colourful and decorative. Perfect! All I need is a box to house them so they don’t get too dusty. That’s one thing organized. Now, to organize my credenza…

2014-07-29 09.16.27-1

Hey, are you Instagram? Let’s be Instagram buddies!

My goal is a blog on a regular basis but I haven’t been doing much of that lately. However, I do post on Instagram a lot and show pictures of my projects, my progress, and everything I enjoy and like in between.

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